Amity Mental

Policies & Procedures 

>> Once our treatment plan is established, your committment to treatment is important. This means that you agree to  make and attend appointments per the prescribed frequency.  
>> Payment is due at time of service.  Credit card and debit card payments and direct bank transfers can be made via my Paypal account, which can be accessed in the "Make Appointment & Payment" on this website.  I do not send bills, as this drives up costs, which ultimately requires fee hikes.
>> If you must, please cancel an appointment at least 24 hours in advance.  

>>The best way to reach me is via email:  Why?  I am a solo practitioner and personally take care of every aspect of my practice.
>>  I typically receive 75 emails per day.  I check for and read new emails several times daily, including  evenings, weekends and holidays. Urgent matters are attended to very quickly.  Medication refills are processed within 48 business hours. Non-urgent matters may require 2-3 days for a reply, depending on my appointment schedule and overall workload. 
>>If you are having a true emergency, proceed to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care Center, where  I can be contacted after your arrival.   

>>You may also text message me at (203) 988-7895
>>  Please keep my business card in your wallet, so that you always have my contact information.

>> If/when medication is recommended, you can expect an explanation about benefits and risks, possible side effects, and any signs and symptoms to report.
>> Once you are on medication, it is crucial that you report any major changes in your mental status and/or physical health, including pregnancy and any new medications prescribed by other clinicians. If you wish to discontinue any medications, it is important to inform me, as some medications should be tapered slowly.
>> RE:  controlled substances regulations. Each class of controlled substance medication is assigned a Roman numeral that denotes the level of control, ie,
                C II:   Includes most medications used for ADHD treatment.  Prescription expires in 6 months if unfilled.  No phone or fax'd prescriptions are permitted, but e-scripts possible.  If you accept a partial fill of a C II medication, you cannot return to the pharmcy later and obtain the remainder, rather,  you need to contact me, I need to verify that you received a partial fill, and then I can order a new prescription to make up the difference.
                C IV:  Includes some drugs used for anxiety and insomnia. Can be called in to pharmacy, and refills permitted.

>> If you need a medication refill, please email me.